LANDeSCAPE (Athens, Greece)


There is a place away from it all, covered with red volcanic soil, surrounded by blue violet rock formation, and divided by white sea foam. A place that seems utterly familiar, yet feels completely strange.

The girl fled and crossed the orange sea, the sea that divides and connects us all. She looked around and tried to make sense of her surroundings… She gathered things during her walks and tried to build a home.

Laid out on the ground is an assemblage of rusty metal scraps; perhaps a cryptic message depicting tremors and vibrations – of the volcano, of her heart, we don’t know. What we know is that if you count the number of beats, that’s how long she sought refuge in this island.

What has become of her, why she fled, we are not sure. What was left was just a remnant of her existence and how she turned this place into a temporary home.


“HOW MY HEART BEHAVES” [Found Objects , PLAYnting]




“REFUGE” (foreground) [Found Objects]



“COMFORT IN YOUR STRANGENESS” [Found Objects, Playnting]

“EVIL EYE” [Found Objects]

In Athens, intermedia artist Jazel Kristin joined a group of social workers who taught art to child refugees. The artist asked them to draw their wishes and this is what they made.



Visitors of the exhibition were also asked to draw their wishes.



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